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Medical Treatment in India

Skyrocketing health care expenses has become an issue of concern world over and people find themselves constrained to make compromises to their personal health. MEDICAL TOURISM - MEDICAL TREATMENT ABROAD is the answer!!!

People are seeking alternatives and now find more affordable healthcare options overseas with savings unimaginable. State-of-art internationally accredited health care facilities, very experienced physicians, exceptional surgical services at a fraction of the cost.

Uday Tours provides medical treatment package for surgical as well as non - surgical healthcare in India to International Patients combined with recuperative holidays........ learn more


Medical Tourism in India

Taj mahal - India-Post Treatment ToursWith globalization increased number of people are traveling to another countries to obtain quality health care at most affordable rates for surgical or non-surgical procedures, Healthcare and tourism combo with rejuvenative therapy in India ...Learn More

Treatments Offered - Medical Procedures

Cardiac Surgery, Orthopedics - Knee Replacement Surgery, Hip Replacement Surgery in India, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, Dental Surgery, Neurology & Neurosurgery, Nephrology, Urology, Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Gastroenterology... Learn More

India Medical Treatment - Cost Comparision

Cost Benefit - Medical Treatment and Surgery in IndiaFive Star facilities, International quality treatment yet at a fractional cost! Fractional Treatment cost compared to US, U.K., etc. for various kind of medical procedures even after taking into account cost of patient & companion travel to & fro, post treatment rejuvenation package...Learn More

Alternative Healing

Our Services-Medical Assistance in IndiaTraditional Ayurvedic treatments, Yogic exercises, Meditation, Spa, a balanced diet, individual health counselling & a complete health profile. India offers a variety of holistic alternative healing therapies, these therapeutic practices are becoming an intergral part of the holistic treatment for Good health and Wellness....Learn More

Services offered by Uday Meditours

Our spectrum of services extends throughout the whole process involving the Pr-Treatment Stage, Treatment Stage and Post Treatment follow up along with necessary support for all related requirements... Learn More

Uday Meditours - Medical Tour Programs

Rejuvenation TherapyUday Meditours offers some exclusively designed tours for Medical Tourists and their companions. We offer discounted Medical Tour programs to some of the most sought after Health Resorts and Spa's all over India. The Health Resorts and Spa's offered by us are manned by professionals offering alternative treatment in India for years to medical tourists from around the world...Learn More

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